FAQs About Servicing A Water Well

Does your well send small amounts of water into your house that has an unpleasant taste? Due to there being more than one problem, it is likely that several areas of the well need to be serviced. The best way to service well problems is by payig a professional to perform all of the work. There are several things that can go wrong if you attempt trying to service the well on your own. You will gain more knowledge about servicing a water well in this article:

Is Servicing a Water Well Dangerous?

There are several parts that should be serviced in a water well, and not all of them are dangerous. One of the things that can make a water well dangerous to service on your own is the type of pump that it has. For instance, if your well uses a submersible pump as a means for obtaining water out of the aquifers (rocks), it can be dangerous to service without professional skills. The reason why is because the pump is not only submerged in water, but it runs off of electricity. Without the right kind of skills, you can end up getting electrocuted, which is why professional assistance is necessary.

Should a Water Well Be Cleaned?

It is wise to get your water well cleaned every now and then. The unpleasant taste that your water has might actually be due to the well needing to be cleaned. Cleaning should be done by a professional, as doing the task on your own might lead to you introducing contaminants to the water. The contaminants can make the water taste worse, as well as make it unsafe to drink. Parts such as the pump, fittings, and interior walls of the well should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

How Can More Water Be Obtained?

The problem that you have with the well only sending small amounts of water into your plumbing lines is likely due to a malfunctioning pump. A well pump must have enough power to withdraw water from the aquifers. If your pump isn't powerful anymore, it might be due to the motor going out. A professional can take a look at the interior parts of the pump to find out if the motor should be replaced or not. You can also consider investing in a new pump, as choosing one of a higher quality will likely lead to more water being obtained from the aquifers.

Contact a company that deals with maintenance for wells for more information and assistance.