Tips To Clean Up Your Yard And Make Some Money

If you have a property that has become cluttered and overgrown, now is the time to start improving it. You might be surprised to learn that you can actually make some money off your yard clean up efforts. Here are some tips for yard clean up that may actually bring your some financial return.

Remove and Sell Old Cars

if you have broken down cars parked on your lawn, they could be affecting your property value and your curb appeal. You might like to have a few cars around for parts or because you're hoping to work on them when you have some spare time, but if they've been parked for months without any use, it's time to get rid of them.

Contact a scrap metal or car removal service. Many companies will give you a flat rate of payment for old cars that can be scrapped for metal recycling. You'll be rid of the cars and can begin to trim back the grass that might have grown up around them while they were parked.

Collect Items For Sale

Everybody has a few things that can be sold, even if they don't realize it. You might try selling:

  • Old jars and cans. Modern rustic or shabby chic decor trends make these old items a hot commodity now. List them for sale on local classified websites, and don't forget the pictures.
  • Windows and window frames. Many people like to use old windows for decoration or even use them as windows in sheds or garages. You can easily get a few dollars for old windows, especially if they are "character" windows from an old house or barn.
  • Old farm equipment. Some people like to collect farm equipment or use it as a decoration in farmhouses or museums. Before scrapping old farm equipment for metal, see if you can't get more on buy, sell, and trade sites. 
  • Machinery. Do you have a lawn mower that doesn't work or an old four-wheeler parked that doesn't get used? Even if they don't run, small engine mechanics like to have these old machines for parts. Sell them for a low dollar amount.
  • Wood and boards. People like "reclaimed" wood. If you have an old shed, barn, garage that is falling down, take it down the rest of the way and sell the reclaimed wood to a local enthusiast or carpenter. 

You can also sell items like swing sets, children's toys, and garden supplies. If you, for example, have an old greenhouse, take it down and sell it as a bundle with flower pots, rakes, hoses, and trowels. Remove other items like old garden decorations, bird houses, and broken concrete stepping stones. 

Improve the Space

After you've cleared out the clutter, use some of the money you earned to out some beauty back into the property. You might try planting flowers, adding window shutters, or putting new sod down in areas where the grass has died. You could trim back overgrown trees and invest in some flagstones to make a new walkway up to the front door. These are simple improvement that don't often cost very much, but they'll do wonders to put the finishing touches on the clean-up project. 

You won't see immediate returns from this tip, but since an overgrown and cluttered yard decreases your property value, cleaning it up helps to restore the equity you might have lost. You'll see returns when you sell the property or when you pass it down to your children as an inheritance. 

For more information about scrap metal recycling, contact a company near you who specializes in trading, buying, and selling scrap metal.